We have completed the event! It was very successful and we want to thank all of you. Without you guys we would not have been able to get anywhere. Since this was a grassroots fundraiser, all donations big and small made a difference and sent even more children to high school. 

We would also like to give a huge thanks to all our sponsors.
Sanctuary for Kids gave us an amazing challenge! If we raised $18,000 they would match it, totalling our amount to $36,000! We have surpassed that goal and we are now at a grand total of $39,000. AG Hair Products kindly donated over 200 packages of shampoo for us to sell and 100% of all money from the shampoo went to Tri 4 Ghana. They have been a huge help. Marc Lindy from Co-op Radio let us take over his radio show for two whole hours to play some tunes and tell people about our event. City Market Lonsdale for donating a delicious cake for our after party. Ghanaian Consul for donating wonderful Ghanaian flags for everyone to use. Dave Melanson for finding us through North Shore Athletics and on facebook and moving to the next level of support with his amazing videography. Vancouver Sun for doing a great article on us and getting the word out that much more. North Shore News for writing a superb article about what we are doing, it was a great help. Bowen Island Undercurrent for also writing a wonderful article and spreading the Tri 4 Ghana word around Bowen Island. The Camp Bowen Society for the Visually Impaired for their article on Tri 4 Ghana and Bowen Lodge for lending us their dock on event day.

​May 24th went amazing! It started at 8am in Deep Cove with a rally of family and friends to help start the event. Luke kicked off the event by riding from Deep Cove all the way to Whytecliff Park in West Vancouver. He was very fast doing it in 1:20hr. He handed off to Willem who set off to swim from Whytecliff Park to Sandy Beach, Bowen Island. He swam extremely fast, doing the entire channel in 52 mins and he did it with Orca Whales too! He finished in Sandy Beach and handed off to Angus who made his way to Mount Gardner. Angus made it to the top in 90 mins and got to the bottom in only 30 minutes! All of us finished the last 100 meters together with a huge support crew of parents, friends, family, and even people who just wanted to come and cheer us on! We then did a little speech and everyone ate cakes decorated with the Canadian and Ghanian flags and drank juice.

Thank You to everyone who came out to support us! The triathlon is done but the desire to get kids to highschool is not. Please visit our Donate page if you would like to contribute. Together, lets give orphaned kids the opportunity for an education.


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