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Memories from Tri4Ghana 2014


This event is being led by students at  island pacific school,  bOWEN ISLAND

Middle Years Matter Most

We are three Grade 8 students who wanted to raise money to send orphaned Ghanaian kids to high school.

For the past 5 years, we've had a letter exchange between our school, Island Pacific School on Bowen Island, and the Royal Seed Home Orphanage in Kasoa, Ghana. These kids at the orphanage don’t have enough money to be able to attend a proper high school. We wanted to raise $10,000 to help send at least 4 of them to high school so we hosted a 55km relay-triathlon to raise awareness and build sponsorship dollars to achieve our goal. Tri 4 Ghana took place Saturday May 24th, 2014 between North Vancouver-West Vancouver-Bowen Island, BC. Thanks to the tremendous support, we raised over $42,000 and have been able to sponsor 10 kids to go to highschool!

The Royal Seed Orphanage in Kasoa, is home to about 120 kids, from toddlers to teenagers. The children are schooled for elementary and middle school (Gr 9), the same as our school. After Gr 9, they start working manual labour which will most likely be their job for the rest of their lives.

We hope that by sending the kids to highschool, they will get educations that will allow them to get careers to break the poverty cycle for them, boost their local economy and in turn allow for even more children to go to high school in future, maybe eventually help stabilize the country and make it a better place.

Willem, Luke & Angus , June 2014